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Hello! I really love how you put everything together with your own coke brand (funny, honestly), the little knight (blush) and his litt...

I am just reading this story, in 2016, even though its probably a few years old. Anyway, I love it so much and I really wanna to see ho...

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Bon's Little Exor-snack :iconcatface7:catface7 1 2


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My vore story! :D
Bon's Little Exor-snack
Hey, guys! My first non crappy vore story!:D Hope ya like!
I've been watching the show "Blue Exorcist" for a while, and, I gained a sort of crush on Bon. So, the thought of this story and putting Clover in it came.
Also, I put a little surprise in there that's related to my series. Please, someone guess what it is in the comments.
Thank you! Fav and Watch! Love all of ya!
Hey everybody, its catface7! Hope your having a great day and I just came by with a little message. :D (Big Grin)  

    I just wanted to say that I will be canceling The Gifted, for, its meant to be a book and I turned it into a very crappy series on here, so, I will be deleting it. But, I will be keeping my characters. ALL of 'em. Well, that ye know.

    So, if you have viewed this, say goodbye to it. If ye don't care, well, that's ok. Also, sorry if I'm writing like I have an Irish accent, I just do that sometimes. I'm Irish, so, I guess that fits(sorry if I have offended anyone!Sweating a little... ). 

       Anyways, I wanna know if you guys could give me some ideas on what guy to use as a pred or prey. If so, please put out names in the comments below.

    Also, I do COMMISSIONS! Yes, I do. If you want your own personal story, then please, look below at what I am charging for it. It's not that much, so, please don't hate me for it. Also, I know that your thinking "You shouldn't be charging for a fuckin' story, you should be charging for a piece of art!Rage "

    Yeah, well, my drawing sucks, ok. So, I will only be drawing TWO times, and that's for my OC, Clover, and the furaffinity version of her.

Anyway here's the price. Again, please don't hate me! Sweating a little... :

Plot: 2 Points 

Settings(If there are more than one!) 2 Points 

Including Ocs of your choice: 2 Points 

Trade: 5 Points (Property belongs to me, sorry!Sweating a little... )

Pred: 1 Points 

Prey/s: 2 Points 

Asking to include my OCs: 2 Points 

Want me to submit an art of it: 10 Points!!

Again, my art on a computer isn't very good.No, I disagree! 

    Thank you for stopping by, again, I am very sorry if I did anything to make you mad, at all Sweating a little... . Also, please watch, view and favorite my content, and I really hope you have a wonderful day! Bye! :D (Big Grin) 
Hello! I really love how you put everything together with your own coke brand (funny, honestly), the little knight (blush) and his little phone. I love how well you put together his outfit and everything, and, I've never seen anything like it. Honestly, I don't watch medieval stuff that much anymore XD. I also love the position he's in(very clever :D), the Njay Coke tops that he is standing on, and him holding up the phone, looking for phone service. Honestly, I love your work SO much, and I don't know how you make your people SO handsome (blush again).

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    It was just a normal day at True Cross Academy. Every one was bustling around and shouting to talk or to get to a class. A few girls were still in the hallways, trying to get a boys attention or to gossip and talk to their friends. One girl name Clover Hoseki, didn't do that, ever, with anyone at the human school. They always laughed at her and teased, like how her whole life had been.

    But, her other friends didn't. Her exorcist friends that she went to class with everyday, at the Exorcism Cram School hidden in True Cross Academy, like Rin Okumira, Renzo Shima, Konekomaru Miwa, Shiemi Moriyama, Izumo Kamiki, Yukio Okumira, and Ryuji Suguro, or Bon. Today, she was thinking especially of Bon. For now, they had been hanging out a lot outside the cram school, and so, Clover developed some feelings for him.

    Even though they were both Exwire's, there was a big difference between them. Weeks ago, while on an exorcist test, a demon tried to kidnap her and steal something special from her that she had no known knowledge of. While protecting her friends and running away from the demon, she found out that she was the daughter of Death, the ninth demon king(king of dead) and in equal strength with the King of Time, Samael, and what the demon wanted was his scythe. She wasn't able to summon it, but, she was able to use her powers to defeat the demon. After that, no one except Rin talked to her for 2 weeks.

    After that, they pretty much digested the whole concept and made amends with her. Since then, Clover had been practicing her abilities and had tried to summon her father's scythe. Just like Rin, when she summoned her demon power, a demon tail and ears appear on her body, but, with her, the transformation was a little different. Her ears were cat like, and here tail looked like a boa. Anyway, now, things have been cool between Clover and her friends, like, how it was when they had found out Rin was Satan's son. That meant only one thing. They were siblings.

    As she did some research on the Nine Demon Kings, turns out, they are the brothers of Satan and that, don't tell Rin, she is the sister of Amaimon and Mephisto. Oh, the horror! Actually, those two help her a lot with things, and, hanging out with them makes her feel comfortable. Well, since she's their little sister and all. Most of the info she knows, she just used her brain. Yes, Clover is a bit of a brainiac, but so what? As long as she's having fun doing it and proving Rin wrong sometimes, then, that's okay with her.

    Right now, she was heading towards the building in which the Okumira brothers decided to share with everyone so that they could train to be exorcists. Honestly, the place was most of a dump, but, she couldn't complain. She had been living on the streets for most of her childhood, but, yet, trash STILL isn't ok with her. Anyway, the only reason she was going there was for her room, and the only reason she was going to her room was to use her magical key. That's right, Clover has a key that can't teleport to any part of True Cross Academy, or in this case, Cram School.

    Anyways, she heard that there was going to be a special test for us today, and that we all needed get there right away. Well, she got it from Yukio, but maybe that wasn't important. As she headed toward the building, she noticed something in the corner of her eye. She turned and, three miles away were Bon and his friends. At that moment, Clover didn't know what to think or do, except to just stand there and wave. Damn, why was she acting dumb know? As she waved, Bon stopped, looked over, smiled, and yelled "Hey Clover!" She immediately smiled back, acting giddy. Damn it!


    Today, for Bon Suguro was the usual. Danger, training, and the constant foolishness from Rin Okumira. But, most of all, it was the quality time he got to spend with Clover Hoseki. After learning that she was the daughter of a demon king, well, that had to take some time to adjust. But, the two of them just hanging out has been extremely going well. And so, today, Bon had been meaning to ask her out on a date, but, he had been cut short by the fact that they were getting a VERY special test to complete, assigned by Mephisto. Damn that guy was crazy.

    Anyway, as Bon was walking along with his friends to the Okumira's place to pick up something special for Clover, Shima nudged him in the shoulder. "Hey, Bon, you gonna talk to Hoseki? I mean, we all know you two have been-"as he said it, he started making kissing noises. The thought of Bon and Clover kissing.........well, his face was as red as strawberry. 

    "N-Nothing's going, man! I'm just dropping off a little present for her.""And then asking her out! Dude, why don't you just tell her? I know she probably like you"

    Bon blushed, then shook his head. "It's not that easy. Besides, I don't really know how I feel." Then, he dug into his pocket and pulled out a black, wooden box with a small letter slightly peeking out. Thankfully, the actual gift didn't. "What did you get her?" Konekomaru asks, then walks closer to Bon to identify the box. "It's a good luck charm.""Can I see it? Or, can I give it to her?" Shima says, reaching his hand out to grab it.

    "What? No! You can see it or give it! Besides, your a monk, remember?" he says, shoving the box away from his sight, then gently putting it back into his pocket. "Oh, alright. But, I still think you should ask her out." Shima reply's, putting on a face of defeat. "Oh, look. There she is over there!" he says happily as the three of them stop to look. Clover was standing near the front door, waving "Hi!" towards Bon's direction.

    While continuing to walk, he smiled and said "Hey Clover!". At his reply, she smiled back and he could swear that she was blushing. 


    "Hey, how're you holding up?" Bon asked as he approached Clover. Clover didn't know what to say, know what to do, for, he was standing 2 feet away from her. Why was she acting giddy now? 'Damn it! Pull yourself together!!' she thought, slapping herself silently. "I'm doing fine. How 'bout yourselves?" she asked, gesturing towards the other two and Bon himself. "Alright! We're alright. We're headin' to the cram school. Are you?" he said, smiling warmly, but sort of fidgeting with his hands, like he was getting antsy. She seemed to find something hidden in there as she blushed again, then blinked herself back to consciousness. "Yeah. I'm glad that your feeling well." She said as she turned around, then realized something. We can simply just make the jump here! I mean, the entrance door DOES have a lock.

    "Hey, you guys want to make a jump with me? I mean, I do have a key" she said as she dug it out from her skirt. She waited for 4 seconds, as she saw they were taking up on the offer. "Yeah, sure" Shima finally said, smiling widely and laying his elbow on Bon's shoulder. Konekomaru nodded, smiled, then fixed his glasses. At that, Bon nodded and smiled back. With that, Clover turned back and pushed the key into the lock. Then, she turned it to the left and pushed the door open. Next thing they knew, they were in the hallway of the Exorcist Cram School. Then, she took the key from the lock so that it could close when everyone was inside.

    After everyone was inside and the door closed, Bon seemed to be blushing a lot, since both Clover and Bon were close to each other. 'What's wrong with him? Is he......' she couldn't finish the statement in her head, for, she was blushing really hard right now at the thought of something like that. Why would she even think of that? "Clover..." she looked over at Bon, who had disturbed her thoughts. "I have something to give you. Here." he said, taking out the box again, then handing it to her.

    "What is it?" Clover asked, inspecting the inside of the box as she walked. "It's a good luck charm" he answered, pretty much fitting the description. It was a red Japanese lamp with one black and one white maneki-neko, but, it was inscribed with words written in Japanese that she could easily read. It simply just said 'A gift to someone special'. Before she knew it, she was blushing again. 

    Next to it was a note, but, folded in the shape of a small square. It had been peeking out when he first gave it to her. "Thanks, Bon. I've never gotten a present from anyone..........Oh, here's the class" she said, as they were heading right up to the door of the classroom and as she put the gift around her neck. Just as she put her hand on the nob, multiple things happened. The air became increasingly silent, the door turned a dark yellow, and then it exploded. Clover embraced a lot of the damage as all four of them were thrown back. 

    As Clover opened her eyes back up, the first thing she saw, 5 feet away from her, was a cross between a fox, a lizard, and a lion. It seemed to be a demon, as Clover could tell by its malevolent voice, and it seemed to just come out the classroom, as if it just caused the explosion. In fact, she could tell it did by the way it was steaming. The demon was roughly half the size of a bear, but that didn't seem to make it any less fiercer. Clover could tell it was powerful, by the energy that it was resonating, but, what was it feeding off? She was cut off as it turned in her direction, scowled, and chuckled evilly. "I have found you, child of Reaper" it said, it's voice sounding like multiple ones resonating over each other. "CLOVER!!" I heard Bon shout 10 feet away from her, just gaining consciousness and starting to get up to run over to her. 'Please, make it' she silently prayed as she knew immediately she was in trouble.

    For about a week, she could not channel her powers at all, and she didn't know why. Another thing was that her father had gone silent. Why the hell had he gone silent?! Sadly, Clover hadn't been able to find out. Anyway, as she thought about current events, the demons back haunched upward, like a cats, and it started to walk over towards her. "Clover, get out of the way!"she heard Rin yell from her left. She even more footsteps from her left as all her friends knew what was happening now, but she couldn't seem to stop it. The demon seemed to notice this too and bounded towards her at lightning speed. She head a gunshot, but the demon seemed unaffected.

    The next thing Clover knew was that the demon put its jaws around her collar and then dragged her away. Suddenly, bright light appeared behind her and she heard tons of shouts of her name as both her and the demon dissipated in wisps of yellow energy to who the where. The last thing she saw was Bon behind her, jumping into the wisps of energy. She couldn't tell if he was transported or not, but that was the last thing she saw, before she blacked out.


    When Clover finally woke up, she noticed something different and something VERY wrong. She seemed to be in the middle of some ritual circle, chains around her ankles and her legs. "Help! Anyone near me!" she immediately regretted it as the only response she got was the demon, smiling evilly through a scowled expression. "Well, well, it seems the leech is awake" it said, moving around Clover in a hungry sort of way. She scowled and glared at the beast, then said  "Where the hell am I and what did you do with Bon?""Oh, the litle monk boy. He could of died while he trying to travel with his" he said, cackling now. "You bastard" she said, her scowl deepening. "Ohhh. It seems I've made you mad. Sadly, I'm not gonna enjoy it for long"

    "What do you mean?" she asked, trying hard to hide the fear in her voice. The demon's smile deepened at her question. "Well, I'm gonna eat you obviously. Or, should I say, absorb you" it answered, its smile becoming even more malevolent. "W-What the hell are you talking about?" she asked, her voice quivering a little.

    The demon snarled and circled even closer to her. "I'm afraid I'm not telling about my plans"it responded, those eyes of it seeming to pierce right into Clover's soul. As she looked right into those, she saw something, about 40 feet away from, move. 'Bon. Thank god, he's still alive. That gives me an idea' she thought silently to herself as she put her head down. The next thing she did would have gotten her killed, but, thankfully, it just bought a special someone some time. As the demon inched closer, Clover threw her head back and laughed. "Your stupid aren't you?  I know you know that I'm HIS daughter, right? Ask yourself, how can you kill a child of death, huh?" she said, grinning.

    As she expected, the demon seemed to flinch at her statement, but it quickly fixed itself and cackled. "Stupid little urchin. I know that your trying to trick me. I smelled your scent. I already know that. But, did you forget the scent of human tied to you?"it answered, the demon's grin widening. Clover's eyes widened and she knew she was in check. What else could she think of doing? But, she didn't give up yet as she put her grin back on and stared right in the beast's eyes. "You see, you forgot one little thing" she said as she lifted her head and stared at it blankly, but with a wider grin. "My blood is black". The demon flinched again, then snarled. "I'm done playing with you. I'm hungry and it seems my meal is sitting right there. Your too big, so, I'm gonna fix that problem with the help of this little circle AND get what I want. Now, hold still. Oh, wait, those chains already fix that" it said, cackling as the demon's whole body steamed.

    Then, lines that Clover hadn't noticed on the demons body before glowed that yellow tint from before. The circle that was beneath her feet slowly drew itself, like, literally.

    Blood red lines slowly drew the circle from the beginning to the end and back, forming an original magic star circle, but, this one was different. Little inscriptions lined little points in the circle and started to glow as well. Suddenly, those inscriptions appeared on the chains tied to Clover's feet and arms. "W-What the hell are you doing?!" she stammered, fear rising in here face. "Such an easy question, Reaper spawn, but it's time I stopped answering questions and get on with the show". As if on cue, the circle glowed brighter and......hotter? Yes, it was definitely steaming now. In fact, the chains on Clover started to burn. Suddenly, the circle blasted red wisps of energy and Clover was surrounded in red light.

    As the light surrounded her, she let out a scream of pain as her whole body felt like it was burning at intensity. "BOOOOOOOON!" was the last thing she screamed out before her body became limp from the pain and her whole darkened as the light show and pain still went on.


    As Bon neared closer to the red lights and the demon's evil energy, he could hear Clover screaming 20 feet away. He used the trees and bushes(sorry,forgot to mention the forest.) as shelter so that the demon couldn't see him, but it pained him to hear her screams. How they got here, he had no idea. How the demon was able to do that, same answer. Even though he knew nothing of what the demon was doing to Clover, he still had to save her. Now he was 10 feet away from the demon and 11 feet from Clover and that strange light.

    Quickly, Bon pulled out the cross necklace and chanted a prayer from God's bible. If the demon were able to smell him, he would've been in big trouble. Luckily, it didn't have a nose at all. As he said the last words aloud, he heard a pained whine from the demon and then it dissipate in black wisps of energy as he got rid of it.

   As the demon disappeared, so did the strange light, the chains, and.........Clover! Bon ran towards the circle to look for any trace of her, and found something rather horrible. Clover was still there, the shackles loosened on her, but......she was now 3 inches tall and her whole body was steaming. What the hell?! Slowly and gently, Bon picked her up, and nestled her close to his chest as he ran far from that place as he could, because he knew that would probably alert demons nearby.

    After a few minutes of running, he gently slid Clover into his pocket, stopped at a nearby tree, climbed up it, and sat on one of its branches to catch his breath. Then, he took Clover out of his pocket and lay her gently into his hand. As soon as Bon did so, she seemed to stir. 'She's waking up!' Bon screamed into his head as Clover sat up, but then groaned in pain. She was still steaming, so, he could see why she still be in pain. ".........What the hell happened?" Clover asked as she rubbed her head and looked around, then looked up. For a moment, her eyes went wide, then her expression turned calm and she lay back in Bon's palm. "That's what he meant".

    " ok, Clover?" he asked, interrupting her thoughts. She looked at him and nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine.........Where's the demon?" she asked, tensing up and looking around fearfully for any trace of him. "Oh, to hell with him. I got ride of the damn" Bon answered, looking down and smiling proudly at her. She smiled back up at him, then rested her head against one of his fingers. Why was she acting so, yet he was so big and she was so friggin' small? "Where are we?" she said, letting out a deep sigh afterwards. His smiled disappeared, then he looked down at her again. "I'd like to ask you the same thing. Honestly, I don't know where the hell we are. Hopefully, every one at True Cross is looking for us right now.

    Surprisingly, she laughed at his statement. "Hopefully. Anyway, we can't do anything about my size, can we?" she said, sadness resonating in her voice. "Hey, don't say that! We're gonna be alright, you hear me? As long as we trust in each other" Bon retorted as he planted a kiss on her forehead unconsciously. The kiss seemed to startle her and send all sorts of thoughts through Bon's head that he shouldn't have, but, she quickly calmed down and turned around, blushing wildly.

    Suddenly, his face felt really hot as well. Did she feel the same way that he did? What feelings did he feel for her? "Thank you" she said, breaking his thoughts "for calming me down. With that kiss, I mean. I kinda liked it.""You did?" he asked, looking at her quizzically and bringing her closer to his face. "Yeah. I guess I'm glad that we're sorta stuck here together." Clover answered, a smile now bringing its way to her face. His face became burning red as she planted a kiss right on the side of his jaw. Then, before they even knew it, he was kissing her entire face. When he pulled away, she was looking down, blushing and smiling. "I-I'm sorry about tha-""No, don't be sorry. For some time, I've wanted to do that" she said, looking up into his eyes.

    "Y-You did?" Bon, his face the color of a strawberry. "Well...before this, I was meaning to ask you on a date"At that comment, her eyes widened, then her expression changed into pure happiness. "So was I" she said as she leaned in his touch. Bon chuckled, then kissed her again, but pulled away and noticed something different. Clover sorta smelled like.........strawberries. He went for another kiss, but as he did so, he smelled her scent, then pulled back. She did smell like strawberries! Suddenly, he licked his lips and caught her taste from kissing her. She taste exactly like strawberries! Just thinking about it made his mouth water.

    In fact, he had to swallow every 10 seconds because of the amount of saliva was in his mouth. As he looked at her and smiled, Bon had the strangest urge to lick her. 'Maybe I could have one quick lick?' he said to himself, then quickly shook that thought away. 'No! I can't think of her like that. Before he could think anything else, he heard her sniff, then have a sneeze fit for about 3 seconds. "Hey, you ok Clover?" he said, laying down a little and pulling her closer towards him to give her warmth.

    "Yeah, I'm fine. Don't you feel the wind?" she said, waving off the question quickly. "Yes, but its becoming really cold. Dammit. Your probably getting sick" he responded, bringing her closer to his face to kiss her shivering body.

    That was a mistake before he knew it. As he brought her closer, her aroma got stronger and it made his mouth water even more. But, it lessened as she started shivering even more. Bon then brought her closer to his face, then breathed his hot breath onto her to keep her warm. "Thank you" she murmured, sinking into his hand as a result of the heat. Bon smiled at the reaction, then brought her closer to his lips to breath more heat. 'I can't keep this up forever, but, how else am I gonna keep her warm?' he asked himself as his hand was starting to get tired.

    Suddenly, the idea came to mind and it was the only one good enough. He couldn't put her in his pocket, for, if he made one sudden move, she would fall out or be crushed by him. He couldn't put her in his shirt or shirt pocket because the same thing would happen. That left only one option and even mentioning it would scare anyone.

    His thinking was cut short as she loud of a mass of coughs and continued to shiver. Both the cold and that circle did something to her. The more Bon thought of it, the more he didn't want to do it, but, she couldn't die. He thought of that as he slightly opened his mouth and let his tongue swipe at her leg all the way up to her shoulder. Now his mouth was watering like crazy at her taste. 


    What startled Clover the most was the fact that she felt something warm and slick touch her. When she turned around, she saw Bon's tongue return to his mouth. 'Did he just.....?'she thought to herself before asking. "B-Bon? Did you just....?"she couldn't finish, for, she was to surprised, scared, and feverish to say anymore. "Y-Yes! I-I'm sorry. I-It's the only way to k-keep you warm and your getting sick real bad an-""It's ok" she said, realizing what was happening and started to calm down. "Your seriously ok with this?" he asked, hearing his own surprise and replaying what she said in his head.

    "Well, yeah. If you think its safe, then I do. Besides, my damn head is starting to hurt, so, I guess you win" Clover said with a week smile as she straightened up in his palm. She knew exactly where he wanted her to go and it was right in front of her. "Go ahead. I'm not afraid". At that, he sighed, releasing more heat, then, slowly opened his mouth. At first, Clover closed her eyes, but, then, she slowly opened them and took in the whole scene.

    She saw everything. She saw pure, white teeth, the roof of his mouth, his slimy, wet, soft tongue which covered his bottom jaw so she could walk in, his uvula hanging in the back of his mouth, and the dark, slimy tunnel known as his throat slowly opening and closing as he breathed, but, she knew she wasn't going down there. After taking a look at where she was heading, she put one hand onto his tongue, then continued to crawl inside. She was a little big, so, her feet were sticking out whilst her hair tickled the back of his mouth. Then, she lay her body weakly against his tongue and closed her eyes as he closed his mouth on this outside, took off her socks and shoes, then sucked up her feet, forcing her a little to bend her knees so that her feet were touching the back of his teeth.

    "You awright in 'here?" she heard as she felt his tongue move as he talked. She tapped his tongue to show she was alright. A normal person would've struggled by now, but, for the long time that they've spent together, she knew that being with him was safe. As she lay there, his tongue would occasionally move to shift to make Clover more comfortable.

    But, she couldn't help thinking if he was tasting her while doing so and he liked it. 'Well......if he did, then good for him. I can't think like that. Besides, I'm the Reaper's child. I shouldn't be scared of anything' she reminded herself as she suddenly felt Bon shift. He was probably tired and getting ready to get some rest. 'I should do the same' Clover thought as she lay her head down, sinking into the warmth, and closed her eyes, focusing on the sound of Bon's breathing and faint heartbeat.


    Bon couldn't help, but feel guilty for what he was doing as he shifted on top of the branch using his hands. He felt immensely terrible, but, it was the only way to actually keep Clover warm. She seemed to agree with it, so why couldn't he? Well, because of the fact that she as in his friggin' mouth at this very moment. As he thought about this he yawned, using his hand as cover so that she stayed in place. Occasionally, he would hold her against the roof of his mouth and swallow, trying to get the saliva out.

    'Damn it! Why did she have to taste good?' he thought to himself as he had to swallow again. 'Why did she have to taste like strawberries? This just makes it all harder. I hope they're on the way, looking for us. Hopefully, they were able to trace Clover's energy trail' he thought, looking out into the horizon. Thankfully, there were a lot of branches and leaves on this tree, so, it provided him shelter and rest. At that moment, his eyelids felt heavy. Then, he lay down, closed his eyes, and thought about the very person that was inside his mouth and the fact that he would do anything to protect her. Anything.

    Oh, but did he know what was to come next.

    As Bon slept, he dreamt about everything that happened. He dreamt about the Exorcist Cram School, his closest friends, finding out about Rin's secret, his past, the day that they sent Satan back to hell, the day they found out Clover's secret, the weeks when they didn't speak to her(that made him feel guilty), the weeks and months he had been spending time with her, and today.

    He thought about the demon, the circle, the gift he gave her, tiny Clover, and the fact that she smelled and tasted like strawberries. The literal thought made a river of saliva in his mouth. All he felt like doing what just tasting it more and more, then swallowing it down and enjoying it inside his stomach. But, what Bon didn't know was that he was doing these very actions right now, while dreaming, to Clover.


    The movement of the tongue woke Clover up. It seemed to be moving more than usual., like......he was tasting her! "B-Bon?" she said weakly, putting her head up a little, 1 inch from the roof to indicate that she was awake, but nothing happened. The response she got was the push her to the side of his mouth, then wrap around her. "B-Bon!" she said, starting to get a little scared at what was happening. Nothing happened, except the tongue moving her around, poking and prodding at her, tasting her. As she was being tasted, she realized that Bon's breathing was louder and slower. He was snoring, which meant he was asleep!

    As Clover, she decided to struggle a little, trying to wake him up."Bon!" she continued to call, but the only continuous response was the tongue swishing her around in his mouth like a piece of candy. She couldn't stop the tasting, but, she could move as he teeth came down once and a while to crunch her up, like she was an actual piece of candy. Minutes after this happened, the biting stopped and the tongue rested back to where it was and finished with tasting her.

    'Finally! He's awake!'. She was about to yell for Bon again, when, suddenly, the tongue pushed her against the roof of his mouth, but this time, she didn't stay there. It seemed to be pushing her......forward! Clover couldn't see, but she could tell by the movement. "NonononononoNO!" she said as her struggling increased a lot more, but did nothing. At his size, he was stronger that her. But, as she struggled uselessly, her head entered and what followed that was a massive "GLUK!" as Bon's throat muscles grabbed her and pulled her down. "BON!" Clover screamed as another gulp and pushed her halfway into his throat, a bulge starting to form in his throat on the outside.

    After that, struggling was pointless as the throat muscles pulled her down through Bon's gullet. Another gulp came and the throat muscles pulled on her again for another few seconds, the only thing remaining in his mouth were here bare feet. Clover continued to scream Bon's name and struggle, even though it was very hard at all to move as the throat muscles forced her into a tight position. A few seconds later, the final gulp came. At the last second, she screamed Bon's name as loud as she could. Thankfully, she could feel him stir and move as he was starting to wake up, but, it was too late. She was already halfway down, and he just gave the final gulp. Who knew he would do this in his sleep.

    Before Clover knew, something beneath her opened up and she slid into the wet juices of his stomach. His stomach was smaller than she expected, but, she was still very much able to move. And so, she struggled and struggled, hoping that he would notice that she was inside his stomach, considered a meal.


    When Bon stirred awake, he notice the taste of strawberries very strong on his tongue, and he licked his lips and moaned in pleasure. Maybe it wasn't a dream after all. As he rubbed his stomach, he noticed something different. There wasn't anyone there with him. Hold it. As Bon licked his lips again, he noticed someone was missing. Someone inside his mouth.

    To make a valid point, he started feeling movements inside his stomach. Wait. His stomach is not full and filled with weird movements, he dreamt about swallowing a strawberry, and someone's missing. As Bon thought about and put a hand gently on his stomach, his eyes widened and he realized WHO was missing, and what he had done. He had just swallowed Clover, the girl he loves, and the girl he was gonna ask on a date, alive. He both hands on his stomach and looked down. "Clover? Clover?! Can you hear me?!?!" he asked, starting to panic. The movements stopped, and then a muffled sounding response came. "Bon?! Thank god your awake!" she exclaimed, laughing hysterically, possibly from fear and not the fact that she was crazy. 

    "Shit! I'm so sorry Clover. Damn it! Why did I suggest that I-?""Don't blame yourself. No one's at a fault. We both wanted to do this and this was our decision. I'm just glad that you awake know" along with the response came a sort of playful pound. Bon couldn't help, but laugh. "It seems you like it in there" he mused, patting his stomach and laying back down. "Yeah, it's comfortable and warm. It's curing my fever and it's also right near you" she muffled before muffled coughs came along. Bon frowned, then put a hand on the location where she was and slowly rubbed it.

    "Well, I guess that I have let you stay there. But, I don't know if you can survive the acid" he said with a frown. "I'll be fine. I'm a daughter of Death, remember. I died once and came back to life. I mean, you saw that happen."Bon recalled his recent memories, then put on a face of regret at watching Clover die, then come back to life. "Please, I don't ever want to see you die, again" he said, patting his stomach. He could feel her whole body. It was like he held her entire fate in his hands. Nothing could hurt her, nothing. But, he would have to let her out sometime, for, there was a limit to her powers.

    "Wish granted" came her muffled response, along with another playful pound. Bon chuckled, then said "You don't if I say that you taste great, do you?""Not at all. I'm probably gonna be getting this a lot from you". Bon chuckled, then rubbed his belly to give her more comfort. "Anyway, since we're awake, do you want to wait out the rescue and go back to sleep?" A muffled yawn was the response she gave as he felt her lie down inside his stomach. 

    What he was feeling was.....weird, but, he could learn to deal with it. Besides, this was their way of him protecting her.......and I guess getting a sort of snack out of it to. His little Exor-snack. Bon thought about it, and chuckled. 'I guess its not bad if it's for someone you love' he thought as he grabbed a bunch of leaves from the tree, made a make shift pillow, lay down, and closed his eyes. The last thought he thought of was Clover, and how she was so beautiful, yet so tasty. She was his little snack, and his love.     
Bon's Little Exor-snack
Hey, guys! My first non crappy vore story!:D Hope ya like!
I've been watching the show "Blue Exorcist" for a while, and, I gained a sort of crush on Bon. So, the thought of this story and putting Clover in it came.
Also, I put a little surprise in there that's related to my series. Please, someone guess what it is in the comments.
Thank you! Fav and Watch! Love all of ya!
I am just reading this story, in 2016, even though its probably a few years old. Anyway, I love it so much and I really wanna to see how well this writer turns out with many other stories. Also, this is very original and goes really well with how the show turns out. Anyway, I have never been a critique before, so, I might be babbling about stuff. Anywho, please, continue on your work to be a writer, or just your love to present stories, and, I was hoping you could give me some tips. Well, that is a critque.


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